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What we do...

Altitude 11 is much more than a company that provides you with just a product or service. We listen and understand your business objectives.  We look for innovative solutions that fit or complement your marketing needs. No business is the same, so are our solutions to your needs.

Unlike others, we do not offer you a standard product. No solution should be a one size fit all.  We strive to seek the best solution for your needs. We don’t just plan or strategize; implementation and execution are our forte too. We help conceptualizes your ideas, customizing and turning them into actual products.

Wow your audiences. We offer high quality products and services that exceed your expectations. Effortlessly, you give your customers a memorable experience. Our wealth of experience ensures what we put forth is well thought and complete with a flawless execution.  Now, your creative ideas are never restricted to any boundaries. With Altitude 11, expand those boundaries and discover more.

Altitude 11 does not replace your existing marketing team, we value add. You can call us a hybrid. We create, implement and execute marketing solutions without demanding the extra resources from your daily business. This gives you and your team more time to focus on the strategic areas of your marketing planning, leaving the implementation and execution to us. Synergy is achieved, providing you the best possible collaboration for all your marketing efforts.  It is an effortless way to outsource your product launches, events, exhibitions and conference product requirements.

We do so by complementing your market intelligence and we have a network that is constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products and services. As we are constantly in the market place in search of new offerings, we are able to give you the competitive edge against your competition.  What’s important is that all these do not cost you and your business huge financial investment. Altitude 11 gives you instant access to the latest product supply chain.